Small Business Solutions – Self Employment and Handling Irregular Income

I hope you are reading this article because you are ambitious and are working towards attain financial freedom. Times have become so touch that white collar jobs cannot offer you financial peace. This is mainly because your employer, I been one of them, pay you just enough to barely make you survive through the month. Since, if he/she paid you more you would easily leave to maybe become a competitor.

It is good to have a well thought out strategic plan before making that big move. Formal employment comes with many incentives which include retirement benefits and medical covers which you can take advantage of to save in order to raise capital to start a small business. Also, you will need to be in a position to afford and maintain a medical cover since your health is directly related to your business success especially in the initial stages.Self employment comes with its challenges, a major one being an irregular income and the unpredictability that comes with it, unlike formal employment where you have a secure and guaranteed salary. Therefore, an entrepreneur needs to create a revenue buffer that can act as a cushion during times of low and high income tides.

Begin by calculating your average monthly expenses over at least six months period; this should include your necessities and variable expenses. This will help you know and budget your monthly average expenses. In your plan remember to cater and budget for your financial goals, medical cover and retirement.The fluctuation of income in self employment is a tricky affair and many businesses may fail to take off. Therefore, consider your risk appetite before making the big leap into the business world. Despite all, having your own small business is the sure route to be financially free.

VoIP Small Business Solution

Many small businesses tend to lag behind their larger counterparts in their use of new technology. Those that do may be doomed, not only to remain small and fail to realize the growth that their initial potential may have promised, but also to lag behind their smaller competitors. In fact a VoIP small business solution can not only save small businesses money, but also significantly increase their communications efficiency.

It is a proven fact that technology can contribute a great deal to growth, irrespective of the size of the company involved, and even a single VoIP network can give a small business a competitive edge.

Not only can a small business VoIP solution dramatically reduce the size of a phone bill to the company concerned, it can also help to reduce the phone bills of their customers. A VoIP subscriber can select any area code it wants to use, so that if the majority of their customers operate from New York, the business can offer these customers calls at the local rate, even if that business is located in Los Angeles.In fact this type of small business solution to communication costs can allow them to offer toll free numbers to their more important customers, a service hitherto only economically feasible to larger companies. How’s that for a competitive edge? In many businesses image is everything and this VoIP small business solution to competing with the big boys is a massive incentive to adopting this new technology.

This is not all that a VoIP small business solution offers, however. There is also the advantage that the provision of VoIP telephones to sales personnel allows them to communicate with head office, and every other company employee issued with a VoIP handset, free of charge irrespective of distance.

Because the VoIP small business solution to telecommunications, like all other VoIP applications, involves communication via the internet, such communication can be made using software and hardware suitable for IP use such as PC, laptop, palm computers, PDAs, Bluetooth and any other technology suitable for packetized internet transfer and reception. By use of VoIP small business solution technology, small businesses can at last compete with networked corporate companies in speed and flexibility of communication.

Conference calls integrating other web-based voice and video presentation technologies can be arranged at the click of a button, and customers can be impressed with corporate technology at small business prices.

A VoIP small business solution is available for any medium to small company structure, and simple networked systems can easily be incorporated due to the intrinsic internet and web-related technologies involved. This makes facilities available to small businesses which previously had been the domain only of the large corporations that could afford them.With a customized VoIP small business solution, companies of any size can tick off communication as one more step towards not only competing with large corporations, but getting ahead of their peers with respect to communications efficiency, image and speed of response to requests and enquiries.

After all, if you can communicate with a colleague in Japan quicker and at lower cost than your competitor can with Boston, what chance does he have? A VoIP small business solution designed specifically for you can achieve this as standard – it is not an expensive option!

VoIP As a Small Business Solution

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the single most popular business communications system today, and with good reason. Not only do businesses that have VoIP implemented as their primary communications solution create an easy way for all employees to get in touch with both their colleagues and their customers, but VoIP’s various other benefits also make it easy to justify implementing the solution in the first place.

Basic VoIP Features

VoIP telephony systems for small business combine basic services to offer the most effective, cost cutting option available. Features any small business might need include fax, inbound contact center, voice mail, conference calling, forwarding calls from one location to another, making calls from a PC, instant messaging, detailed reporting, as well as recording and playback of phone conversations among many others.Because most small businesses are fortunate to have even a single receptionist, the ability to receive a call on one phone and then forward that call to another phone, business or otherwise, is the most important thing for a communication system. Equally important, is the ability to forward all incoming calls to multiple locations at the same time, giving the employees a chance to answer all incoming calls. This not only decreases the number of missed calls, but it also lets your customers know that their call is important to you because you didn’t let it go to voicemail or have an automated receptionist pick it up.

Unfortunately, most VoIP offers include only some of these services in a single package, such as conference calling, faxing or instant messaging, and then require the business owner to purchase the extra features as add-ons. However, most business owners understand that to get the best value from anything – especially VoIP services – every single feature and service that you need should be contained in a single package for maximum cost benefit and savings.

How VoIP Affects the Bottom Line

Whether there is one branch or 1,000 locations, there are four aspects of business that are important to any owner. These include offering proper and prompt customer and technical service, maintaining high work efficiency, increased work effectiveness, and the financial bottom line. In fact, for most companies, the bottom line is the only reason business owners do anything – including installing and maintaining VoIP communications. This means being able to account for and justify the cost of VoIP and its maintenance, in addition to accounting for and justifying the benefits versus the drawbacks of using IP telephony.Simply stated, adopting a VoIP based communication solution and routing all business communications through that system can save your business a lot of money – not to mention time and frustration. Since VoIP comes with little overhead, its installation and maintenance is easily justified, and the bottom line remains largely unaffected, meaning you never miss a business call ever again. http:[email protected] http://khusnul1982 Domain